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I ACED the test! woohoo! November 24, 2007

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Boy am I glad it’s over! whew whew! =P  I didn’t have time to study as I’m quite on a hectic schedule currently.  I’m in school from 0930-1630, have to quickly run home and get changed and eat a bit and then rush back out to go to work from 1800-2300.  Phew!  I see people do these things in movies and wondered how they do it…now I’m one of them, and I tell you, it’s perfectly possible to do it… earning good money as well.  Life’s good.  =P  I’m having fun for now… hopefully it stays that way forever.  🙂

Look at some of the cocktails I mixed up…

Blue Lagoon & Brandy Alexander   Champagne Cocktail & Grasshopper

Good huh?… for someone who’s not into alcohol.  he he

And then, what made my day was that when I got out of school, I saw some blokes on the street doing some kind of act.  They look funny and there were all kinds of sounds coming from them.

1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg  4.jpg

It was a bizarre experience!



NovemBEER test November 22, 2007

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Two weeks ago I’m forced to remember descriptions of wine and what food they are best partnered with.  This week, I’m forced to remember beers, whiskeys, gins, brandy and cocktails with their descriptions.  Golly gosh!  I got sooo stressed out yesterday that I started thinking what have I got myself into?  Why am I in this course anyway?  I should have chosen a lower level course which didn’t have such high standards.  But truth be told, I decided from the very start that I don’t want to just take any trashy course.  Since I’ll be paying anyway to be here, I want to learn something new and make the best out of it.  That’s more practical wouldn’t you agree?  🙂  So I got myself to slow down and take deep breaths.  I’m glad that God made me one of those type of people who tries to always be positive.  🙂

This morning, as the bus I was on passed the river on the way to the city, I saw hundreds of small birds, storks, swans, ducks and what have you in the river probably catching food.  I can’t tell you just how it makes me feel.  I’m simply thankful that I’m breathing and seeing all these things.

Here in Perth, there are some big streets where people cross all at the same time.  Like the street I cross everyday, St.George Terrace and William St., you wait for the moment that the sign says GO (for pedestrian of course), then everyone crosses rapidly.  I still remember the very first time I crossed it with my bub, I was simply awestruck!  If you can imagine, people crossing vertically, horizontally and diagonally all at the same time.  🙂

Anyhow… that’s it for now.  I’ve gotta get ready for class and hope I do well in our exams again tomorrow.  I’m too old to do memorization.  =P


Biking – a success! November 20, 2007

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I’m happy to announce that I’ve tried riding on the normal bike and I got it going… yehey!  🙂  It’s officially my 3rd day of learning how to ride a bike.  The next thing is to get my courage up to ride it on the streets and not just up and down the driveway of the house.  😛 

On another note, sharing with you my “mean hot & sour soup” as quoted from my bub, he absolutely loves it.  🙂

hot & sour soup

Like the look of it?  Sorry… it’s a secret recipe.  he he


Happy 29th birthday! November 19, 2007

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Wow!  Where did all those 29 years go?  😛  I have to make the best of my last year as a 20 something woman.  ha ha

Anyhow… I’m getting more settled here in Perth now… having been here for 2 weeks already.  I tend to move more slowly and appreciate all the little things.  An example is when I take the bus every morning to go to school, I’d pass by the river and most times, I’d see black swans and dolphins playing… it might be a small thing but seeing them gives me real joy.  🙂

Spent another full week last week in school.  Not too hectic though since we didn’t have an exam like the first week.  Phew!  😛

A day before my birthday, I tried practicing to ride on a bicycle for the first time.  Can you believe it?  ha ha ha  As they say, it’s never too late.  he he  Before coming to Perth, I’ve told my bub that I’m really going to make an effort to learn to ride the bike so he made 2 bikes for me.  One with training wheels and one without.  So there.  The incredible thing is, after only a few tries, I got myself balanced.  My golly!  I’m a genius!  ha ha ha  But… I’m still trying to get the hang of it so I’m still riding the bicycle with the training wheels, my bub made the training wheels really high so that I don’t really rely on them.  Let’s see if I can get myself on the normal one soon.  🙂

Spent my birthday not really doing much, just lazed around mostly.  Called and talked to my family and a few friends from overseas.  And in the evening, had dinner with my bub, his mom and sister – just a cozy home cooked meal.  We had salad, snapper and prawns.  And for dessert, I made creme caramel, otherwise commonly known in Manila as Leche Flan.  Haven’t made one in ages but I’m glad it turned out ok.  Got high praises for it from the girls.  🙂 

birthday dinner

Had another abalone session on Sunday.  My bub catches the abalones while I volunteered to wash them.  It’s only fair isn’t it?  After all, the abalones he’s catching now are for my dad.  We’ll bring them to Manila on January.  I’m definite my dad will LOVE them!  🙂 

abalones   expert abalone cleaner   cleaned abalone

We went to Freemantle in the afternoon to buy some fruits and then found out that it’s actually freemantle festival weekend.  It was an interesting experience.  Lots of different groups dancing and showing their skills.  Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me.  I had to conk myself on the head and remind myself again to bring my camera with me wherever I go.  You never know when you might have a “special moment”.  🙂

Well… happy birthday again for me.  Here’s to a FANTASTIC year before I get to the big 3-0.


first week in school November 13, 2007

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My first week in school and the lecturer had us trying out white and red wine.  ha ha  My bub finds it so funny because I don’t drink at all.  It was a great experience though.  I now know how to open cork bottles… and not just to open them but how to really open them properly… as well as which wine is best with what kind of food.  🙂  That still doesn’t mean I’ll start drinking though… I still don’t like them.  =P

Also started working on my second friday here in Perth… which is pretty good considering that I really shouldn’t be working yet as I don’t have my working visa ready.  sshhh.  =P

On Sunday early morning went to pick abalones again.  Ended the week with a nice picnic late in the afternoon by the Swan River with my bub’s sister and her boyfriend.  It was the perfect weather.  Not hot not cool and no wind.  My bub tells me they get perfect weather like that only like 10 times in a year… so it was pretty good. 


First few days in Perth… November 4, 2007

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Well… I’ve been here 3 days now… been pretty busy the last couple of days.  Let me share with you what’s been happening.

I flew out of Jakarta on a really late flight, or should I say really early flight?  You see, it’s bordering on both as it was midnight.  I know!!!  These flights just makes you so tired but there wasn’t any other choice for me as it was the only flight out of Jakarta every other day.  I tell you, I can’t wait to get on that plane as I have been waiting ages for this.  I’ve had an eventful journey on securing my papers for my trip back to Perth.

I arrived on a sunny but cool day on Friday morning, my eyes all red from lack of sleep… felt like sleeping as soon as I got settled down but the thought of unpacking prevented me from doing just that… so unpacked a little bit here and there first then finally felt so weighed down and took 2 hours of sleep.  In the afternoon, pushed myself to go to the school for an orientation.  I’ve always said that I hate studying and that the only reason why I’m taking this up now is just so that I can be physically here in Perth.  But… surprisingly, I got excited during the orientation.  🙂

Saturday, we went to visit a women’s pre-release facility.  This facility basically holds prisoners who behaved quiet well while they were in prison and so they get transferred to this facility.  They teach them certain skills to get them ready to adjust to normal life again.  We went there because there was a fair going on and also met up with my boyfriend’s mom and sister.  Went to the river in the afternoon and got some fresh mussels… well, my bub was doing all the picking, I was just really excited to have a taste of them.  MAN!!!  I tell you, they were the best mussels I have ever tasted in my whole life.  No exaggeration.  So tasty!  🙂

Sunday early morning, we went to pick up abalone’s at North Beach.  They have what they call abalone season here and it happens only a few couple of weeks every year.  There were hundreds and hundreds of people, mostly Asians, on the beach picking abalones.  There’s more than enough for everyone though, but just to prevent people from abusing their right, pickers needs to get a license (and pay for it every year).  Only 20 is allowed per person per week.  So that was quiet an experience seeing all those people carrying their tools and what nots.  In the afternoon, we went to Swan River to watch the Red Bull Air Race.  It was my first time to watch planes flying through obstacles.  🙂  It was great! 

Pretty exciting times!  🙂  Now I have to rest for my first day for school tomorrow!  🙂


New life… November 2, 2007

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A brand new blog for a brand new chapter in my life. 

I am now in Perth, Australia, having arrived only this morning… but nevertheless, more than ready and excited to alight on my next adventure.  Keep visiting my site to read about the latest happenings to this sassy dame!  😉