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first week in school November 13, 2007

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My first week in school and the lecturer had us trying out white and red wine.  ha ha  My bub finds it so funny because I don’t drink at all.  It was a great experience though.  I now know how to open cork bottles… and not just to open them but how to really open them properly… as well as which wine is best with what kind of food.  🙂  That still doesn’t mean I’ll start drinking though… I still don’t like them.  =P

Also started working on my second friday here in Perth… which is pretty good considering that I really shouldn’t be working yet as I don’t have my working visa ready.  sshhh.  =P

On Sunday early morning went to pick abalones again.  Ended the week with a nice picnic late in the afternoon by the Swan River with my bub’s sister and her boyfriend.  It was the perfect weather.  Not hot not cool and no wind.  My bub tells me they get perfect weather like that only like 10 times in a year… so it was pretty good. 


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