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Happy 29th birthday! November 19, 2007

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Wow!  Where did all those 29 years go?  😛  I have to make the best of my last year as a 20 something woman.  ha ha

Anyhow… I’m getting more settled here in Perth now… having been here for 2 weeks already.  I tend to move more slowly and appreciate all the little things.  An example is when I take the bus every morning to go to school, I’d pass by the river and most times, I’d see black swans and dolphins playing… it might be a small thing but seeing them gives me real joy.  🙂

Spent another full week last week in school.  Not too hectic though since we didn’t have an exam like the first week.  Phew!  😛

A day before my birthday, I tried practicing to ride on a bicycle for the first time.  Can you believe it?  ha ha ha  As they say, it’s never too late.  he he  Before coming to Perth, I’ve told my bub that I’m really going to make an effort to learn to ride the bike so he made 2 bikes for me.  One with training wheels and one without.  So there.  The incredible thing is, after only a few tries, I got myself balanced.  My golly!  I’m a genius!  ha ha ha  But… I’m still trying to get the hang of it so I’m still riding the bicycle with the training wheels, my bub made the training wheels really high so that I don’t really rely on them.  Let’s see if I can get myself on the normal one soon.  🙂

Spent my birthday not really doing much, just lazed around mostly.  Called and talked to my family and a few friends from overseas.  And in the evening, had dinner with my bub, his mom and sister – just a cozy home cooked meal.  We had salad, snapper and prawns.  And for dessert, I made creme caramel, otherwise commonly known in Manila as Leche Flan.  Haven’t made one in ages but I’m glad it turned out ok.  Got high praises for it from the girls.  🙂 

birthday dinner

Had another abalone session on Sunday.  My bub catches the abalones while I volunteered to wash them.  It’s only fair isn’t it?  After all, the abalones he’s catching now are for my dad.  We’ll bring them to Manila on January.  I’m definite my dad will LOVE them!  🙂 

abalones   expert abalone cleaner   cleaned abalone

We went to Freemantle in the afternoon to buy some fruits and then found out that it’s actually freemantle festival weekend.  It was an interesting experience.  Lots of different groups dancing and showing their skills.  Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me.  I had to conk myself on the head and remind myself again to bring my camera with me wherever I go.  You never know when you might have a “special moment”.  🙂

Well… happy birthday again for me.  Here’s to a FANTASTIC year before I get to the big 3-0.


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