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NovemBEER test November 22, 2007

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Two weeks ago I’m forced to remember descriptions of wine and what food they are best partnered with.  This week, I’m forced to remember beers, whiskeys, gins, brandy and cocktails with their descriptions.  Golly gosh!  I got sooo stressed out yesterday that I started thinking what have I got myself into?  Why am I in this course anyway?  I should have chosen a lower level course which didn’t have such high standards.  But truth be told, I decided from the very start that I don’t want to just take any trashy course.  Since I’ll be paying anyway to be here, I want to learn something new and make the best out of it.  That’s more practical wouldn’t you agree?  🙂  So I got myself to slow down and take deep breaths.  I’m glad that God made me one of those type of people who tries to always be positive.  🙂

This morning, as the bus I was on passed the river on the way to the city, I saw hundreds of small birds, storks, swans, ducks and what have you in the river probably catching food.  I can’t tell you just how it makes me feel.  I’m simply thankful that I’m breathing and seeing all these things.

Here in Perth, there are some big streets where people cross all at the same time.  Like the street I cross everyday, St.George Terrace and William St., you wait for the moment that the sign says GO (for pedestrian of course), then everyone crosses rapidly.  I still remember the very first time I crossed it with my bub, I was simply awestruck!  If you can imagine, people crossing vertically, horizontally and diagonally all at the same time.  🙂

Anyhow… that’s it for now.  I’ve gotta get ready for class and hope I do well in our exams again tomorrow.  I’m too old to do memorization.  =P


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