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I ACED the test! woohoo! November 24, 2007

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Boy am I glad it’s over! whew whew! =P  I didn’t have time to study as I’m quite on a hectic schedule currently.  I’m in school from 0930-1630, have to quickly run home and get changed and eat a bit and then rush back out to go to work from 1800-2300.  Phew!  I see people do these things in movies and wondered how they do it…now I’m one of them, and I tell you, it’s perfectly possible to do it… earning good money as well.  Life’s good.  =P  I’m having fun for now… hopefully it stays that way forever.  🙂

Look at some of the cocktails I mixed up…

Blue Lagoon & Brandy Alexander   Champagne Cocktail & Grasshopper

Good huh?… for someone who’s not into alcohol.  he he

And then, what made my day was that when I got out of school, I saw some blokes on the street doing some kind of act.  They look funny and there were all kinds of sounds coming from them.

1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg  4.jpg

It was a bizarre experience!



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