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Happy New Year!!! December 30, 2007

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Tonight is my last night in Perth for the year 2007… 🙂  Flying tomorrow to Brunei, stay a day only then on to Philippines.  I’m excited to see family, relatives and friends again…it’s been a year since I was last home.  To date, it’s the longest time that I’ve been away from home.  And also, this is the first time that I’ve packed my luggage at the last minute.  I’ve just been so happily engrossed with school and work.  I used to prepare my luggage like a month before my departure date… ha ha ha  crazy but true.  =P  Now I’ve found out that I’m just as efficient packing at the last minute (don’t wanna create this bad habit though…).  🙂

Yesterday, as I cut into a tomato… to my delight, it was almost a perfect heart shaped tomato.  I didn’t see it when it was still whole but soon as I cut it… my golly!  So played around with it a little bit… have a look…

Isn’t that the cutest, most romantic, best tomato you’ve ever seen in your life?  🙂

Today was another fantastic day!  I flew a kite for the first time in my life – a stunt kite.  Too bad I wasn’t able to have any photos taken, would have proudly shared it with you.  =P  It was such a windy day today in Perth that it was just an awesome day to fly kites.  We were flying kites and having picnic on the side at the same time at South Beach, which is a really nice place for picnicking and for just lazing around.

Anyhow… time to really take a good rest for my upcoming holiday.  🙂  Another thing that I’m really looking forward to this is that this time, my bub and I are flying together… enough saying goodbyes at airports.  🙂



Christmas Eve… Aussie Jingle Bell December 26, 2007

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Been busy the last couple of days working and at the same time because my bubby’s relatives are visiting from US and Malaysia.  Been going out, having dinner and other stuff.

On Christmas Eve, we went to a “Carols by Candlelight” program which was held outside an adventist church.  It was quite fun.  People bring their own picnic chairs, candles (both real and fake ones) and what have you.


We were singing away then I was so surprised that they have their own version of Jingle Bell… I find it hilarious!  But apparently, it’s just a normal thing for them from way back when.  You can check out their version at: Aussie Jingle Bells.  And then afterwards, we got loads of crayfish for dinner.  Crayfish is the West Australian version of lobster for Asians.  It’s extremely expensive but… hey, it’s Christmas!!!  🙂

crayfishes.jpg   chopping-crayfish.jpg   bbq-crayfish.jpg

I chopped and cleaned some and we cooked them on the grill.  Nice!!!  Absolutely yummy!!!  One thing about crayfish/lobster is that it creeps up on you, what I mean is that while you’re eating them, you want to keep on eating because you think it’s just a little meat and stuff, but later on, it actually slowly fills you up.  Then suddenly, your stomach feels like bursting.  I still prefer their local crabs though.  Heaps of soup and fats inside which I love. 

My bub promised to bring me to the river soon to catch some fresh ones.  I’m very much looking forward to it.  I’ve personally done some mussel catching, and I had a blowfish bite my toe… which luckily did not draw blood… but I can tell you, it hurt!  The bite mark was very visible on my toe for like at least 30 minutes.  =P  But all in all, it was a priceless experience.  ha ha 



Green thumb… December 19, 2007

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My bub’s sister, Julia, gave me a strawberry plant for my birthday.  She knew I love strawberries because on several occasions at her house, whenever she served strawberries, they’d be all gone.  ha ha

It’s my first plant ever.  Like sure we had some plants at home when I was young but it was never really personally mine.  This time, I take full ownership.  And what a wonderful plant.  Look at the pic…

imgp3819.jpg   img_0072.jpg

It seemed like ages before I plucked that first fruit… I had wanted to pluck it early on but my bub told me to wait awhile… and it’s well worth the wait.  I can’t tell you how good it was.  Maybe it’s a biased opinion but I don’t think so… it was really marvelous!

Now there are several fruits coming out again… but I don’t think I’ll be here by the time they’re ready… I’ll be on holiday by then… oh well… the bugs are gonna be lucky for several weeks.  ha ha


How’s everyone doing with the christmas rush?  Ready for the new year?  🙂  I know I am.


Happy Holidays!!! December 14, 2007

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Happy holidays everyone… wherever you are.  🙂  How’s everyone doing with the Christmas season?  It’s a busy season but it’s also my favorite time of the year.  And it’s also time for new resolutions.  🙂

My bub’s relatives are coming over from US and Malaysia so it’s going to be a busy holiday for us.  Then on Dec 31, my bub and I are going to fly off to Brunei, do a little bit of exploring, then off to Manila.  Whenever I travel, I like to pack early to make sure I get all the things ready.  This time though, because I’ve been busy, I haven’t had time to start packing yet.  If things get any busier, I might very well be packing on the eve of Dec 30.  Tsk tsk tsk

Well, another year has gone by…  At the end of each year, I like to take some time and reflect on what I’ve done during the year…whether I’ve grown mentally, and hopefully not physically, he he, and what lessons I can learn.  It’s definitely been a good year for me albeit all the visa issues.  I’ve travelled to new places, made loads of new friends, learned different cultures and earned different currencies.  Ha ha  

Yet again, God has truly been good to me.  I’m so bountifully blessed in everything.  🙂  I hope everyone had a great year too.  Here’s to an even more bountiful, prosperous, fruitful, profitable, abounding year to us all!!!  🙂  

God bless you!


Crazy weekend… December 10, 2007

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This past weekend was the craziest ever… something which I wouldn’t want to have to go through again.  I worked Friday eve from 1700 to 2230 (South Street Ale House), then Saturday morning from 0600 to 1300 (Brumby’s), then again in the evening from 1700 to Sunday morning 0100 (South Street Ale House), then again from 0700 to 1200 (Brumby’s).  

Sunday early morning when we finished work at 0100, since my bub was down south for some much awaited surfing session, he wasn’t able to pick me up from work as he normally does.  I called a taxi.  The thing here in Perth is that in the evening, especially on weekends, Taxis are very very busy.  So my friend and I waited until around 0120, then I thought, to heck with it, I’ll just walk home instead of waiting for nothing… I need to sleep for my next job which is only a few hours away.  My friend walked with me and while we were passing Fremantle Cemetery, we were sharing ghost stories… made it all the more spooky.  ha ha  Got home at around 0200 and slept at around 0230.  Woke up at 0600 for my next job.

I thought I’d be a goner for sure on my Sunday morning job but surprise surprise, I actually did better than ever… Phew!  I do have to say, I’d have to give myself a pat on the back for a job well done.  I’ll die young though if I do this kind of thing continuously to my body.

Anyhow… school’s almost over for this year… this week is my last week and after that, it’s a 5 week holiday for me.  Oh yeah!  🙂


Christmas countdown… December 4, 2007

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Can’t believe it’s 21 days to go before Christmas.  Time just flies by…

I just finished another busy week in school, this time I learned how to properly serve customers in the hospitality industry.  I didn’t know there’s so many specifics about it.  =P

This week I’m doing the real thing… getting orders from customers and serving them and all the hullabaloo… and I’m NOT getting paid… Imagine, I had to pay to serve these customers as part of my course training… whatever is happening to the world?  ha ha ha  Most days customers are pretty easy though… old people like to flirt with the girls because somehow they get away with it.  =P

Aside from doing all these trainings for school, I’m currently juggling 3 jobs… and I have the school to blame for that.  Because my school hours varies, I cannot work for just one company, I have to have options so that whenever my school schedule changes, I have options for my working hours too.  Tough life eh?  I’m learning so much though because I work for different industries.  My bub is telling me to slow down though cause he’s afraid I might burn out soon.  =P  He’s right but I have to make heaps of money for my upcoming holidays.  We’re going to Brunei then on to Philippines and tour around Palawan and  North Luzon… after all, it’s my bub’s first time in Philippines so I have to give him a grand majestic tour.  he he

Well… that’s it for now… have a great and blessed week everyone!  🙂