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Christmas countdown… December 4, 2007

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Can’t believe it’s 21 days to go before Christmas.  Time just flies by…

I just finished another busy week in school, this time I learned how to properly serve customers in the hospitality industry.  I didn’t know there’s so many specifics about it.  =P

This week I’m doing the real thing… getting orders from customers and serving them and all the hullabaloo… and I’m NOT getting paid… Imagine, I had to pay to serve these customers as part of my course training… whatever is happening to the world?  ha ha ha  Most days customers are pretty easy though… old people like to flirt with the girls because somehow they get away with it.  =P

Aside from doing all these trainings for school, I’m currently juggling 3 jobs… and I have the school to blame for that.  Because my school hours varies, I cannot work for just one company, I have to have options so that whenever my school schedule changes, I have options for my working hours too.  Tough life eh?  I’m learning so much though because I work for different industries.  My bub is telling me to slow down though cause he’s afraid I might burn out soon.  =P  He’s right but I have to make heaps of money for my upcoming holidays.  We’re going to Brunei then on to Philippines and tour around Palawan and  North Luzon… after all, it’s my bub’s first time in Philippines so I have to give him a grand majestic tour.  he he

Well… that’s it for now… have a great and blessed week everyone!  🙂


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