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Crazy weekend… December 10, 2007

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This past weekend was the craziest ever… something which I wouldn’t want to have to go through again.  I worked Friday eve from 1700 to 2230 (South Street Ale House), then Saturday morning from 0600 to 1300 (Brumby’s), then again in the evening from 1700 to Sunday morning 0100 (South Street Ale House), then again from 0700 to 1200 (Brumby’s).  

Sunday early morning when we finished work at 0100, since my bub was down south for some much awaited surfing session, he wasn’t able to pick me up from work as he normally does.  I called a taxi.  The thing here in Perth is that in the evening, especially on weekends, Taxis are very very busy.  So my friend and I waited until around 0120, then I thought, to heck with it, I’ll just walk home instead of waiting for nothing… I need to sleep for my next job which is only a few hours away.  My friend walked with me and while we were passing Fremantle Cemetery, we were sharing ghost stories… made it all the more spooky.  ha ha  Got home at around 0200 and slept at around 0230.  Woke up at 0600 for my next job.

I thought I’d be a goner for sure on my Sunday morning job but surprise surprise, I actually did better than ever… Phew!  I do have to say, I’d have to give myself a pat on the back for a job well done.  I’ll die young though if I do this kind of thing continuously to my body.

Anyhow… school’s almost over for this year… this week is my last week and after that, it’s a 5 week holiday for me.  Oh yeah!  🙂


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