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Happy Holidays!!! December 14, 2007

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Happy holidays everyone… wherever you are.  🙂  How’s everyone doing with the Christmas season?  It’s a busy season but it’s also my favorite time of the year.  And it’s also time for new resolutions.  🙂

My bub’s relatives are coming over from US and Malaysia so it’s going to be a busy holiday for us.  Then on Dec 31, my bub and I are going to fly off to Brunei, do a little bit of exploring, then off to Manila.  Whenever I travel, I like to pack early to make sure I get all the things ready.  This time though, because I’ve been busy, I haven’t had time to start packing yet.  If things get any busier, I might very well be packing on the eve of Dec 30.  Tsk tsk tsk

Well, another year has gone by…  At the end of each year, I like to take some time and reflect on what I’ve done during the year…whether I’ve grown mentally, and hopefully not physically, he he, and what lessons I can learn.  It’s definitely been a good year for me albeit all the visa issues.  I’ve travelled to new places, made loads of new friends, learned different cultures and earned different currencies.  Ha ha  

Yet again, God has truly been good to me.  I’m so bountifully blessed in everything.  🙂  I hope everyone had a great year too.  Here’s to an even more bountiful, prosperous, fruitful, profitable, abounding year to us all!!!  🙂  

God bless you!


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