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Green thumb… December 19, 2007

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My bub’s sister, Julia, gave me a strawberry plant for my birthday.  She knew I love strawberries because on several occasions at her house, whenever she served strawberries, they’d be all gone.  ha ha

It’s my first plant ever.  Like sure we had some plants at home when I was young but it was never really personally mine.  This time, I take full ownership.  And what a wonderful plant.  Look at the pic…

imgp3819.jpg   img_0072.jpg

It seemed like ages before I plucked that first fruit… I had wanted to pluck it early on but my bub told me to wait awhile… and it’s well worth the wait.  I can’t tell you how good it was.  Maybe it’s a biased opinion but I don’t think so… it was really marvelous!

Now there are several fruits coming out again… but I don’t think I’ll be here by the time they’re ready… I’ll be on holiday by then… oh well… the bugs are gonna be lucky for several weeks.  ha ha


How’s everyone doing with the christmas rush?  Ready for the new year?  🙂  I know I am.


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