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Christmas Eve… Aussie Jingle Bell December 26, 2007

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Been busy the last couple of days working and at the same time because my bubby’s relatives are visiting from US and Malaysia.  Been going out, having dinner and other stuff.

On Christmas Eve, we went to a “Carols by Candlelight” program which was held outside an adventist church.  It was quite fun.  People bring their own picnic chairs, candles (both real and fake ones) and what have you.


We were singing away then I was so surprised that they have their own version of Jingle Bell… I find it hilarious!  But apparently, it’s just a normal thing for them from way back when.  You can check out their version at: Aussie Jingle Bells.  And then afterwards, we got loads of crayfish for dinner.  Crayfish is the West Australian version of lobster for Asians.  It’s extremely expensive but… hey, it’s Christmas!!!  🙂

crayfishes.jpg   chopping-crayfish.jpg   bbq-crayfish.jpg

I chopped and cleaned some and we cooked them on the grill.  Nice!!!  Absolutely yummy!!!  One thing about crayfish/lobster is that it creeps up on you, what I mean is that while you’re eating them, you want to keep on eating because you think it’s just a little meat and stuff, but later on, it actually slowly fills you up.  Then suddenly, your stomach feels like bursting.  I still prefer their local crabs though.  Heaps of soup and fats inside which I love. 

My bub promised to bring me to the river soon to catch some fresh ones.  I’m very much looking forward to it.  I’ve personally done some mussel catching, and I had a blowfish bite my toe… which luckily did not draw blood… but I can tell you, it hurt!  The bite mark was very visible on my toe for like at least 30 minutes.  =P  But all in all, it was a priceless experience.  ha ha 



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