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Happy New Year!!! December 30, 2007

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Tonight is my last night in Perth for the year 2007… 🙂  Flying tomorrow to Brunei, stay a day only then on to Philippines.  I’m excited to see family, relatives and friends again…it’s been a year since I was last home.  To date, it’s the longest time that I’ve been away from home.  And also, this is the first time that I’ve packed my luggage at the last minute.  I’ve just been so happily engrossed with school and work.  I used to prepare my luggage like a month before my departure date… ha ha ha  crazy but true.  =P  Now I’ve found out that I’m just as efficient packing at the last minute (don’t wanna create this bad habit though…).  🙂

Yesterday, as I cut into a tomato… to my delight, it was almost a perfect heart shaped tomato.  I didn’t see it when it was still whole but soon as I cut it… my golly!  So played around with it a little bit… have a look…

Isn’t that the cutest, most romantic, best tomato you’ve ever seen in your life?  🙂

Today was another fantastic day!  I flew a kite for the first time in my life – a stunt kite.  Too bad I wasn’t able to have any photos taken, would have proudly shared it with you.  =P  It was such a windy day today in Perth that it was just an awesome day to fly kites.  We were flying kites and having picnic on the side at the same time at South Beach, which is a really nice place for picnicking and for just lazing around.

Anyhow… time to really take a good rest for my upcoming holiday.  🙂  Another thing that I’m really looking forward to this is that this time, my bub and I are flying together… enough saying goodbyes at airports.  🙂



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