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My bub’s first trip to Manila… January 18, 2008

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Speaking of learning about different culture in my last blog entry… well… this time coming back home to Manila, it’s a big learning experience for my bub… it’s his first time in Philippines and also first time meeting my family and friends.  Definitely a BIG step on his side… I can’t elaborate enough how BIG it is… it will take me days to tell you all about it but my bub did really well.  Eventhough he’s not a city boy, he did his best to make me happy… I deeply appreciate that.  Thanks bubby… 🙂

These are his first taste of…  San Miguel Beer, green mango with bagoong, balut, and wood worm in Puerto Princesa.  He’s also ridden a “kalesa” and “pedicab” in Chinatown.

  balut.jpg  green-mango.jpg

san-mig.jpg  woodworm.jpg  kalesa.jpg

Very brave hey?  🙂  That’s why I love him so.  🙂

On our first week in Manila, it was all about showing my bub where and how I grew up, as well as my favorite foods… lots of food trip happening.  =P  Also showed him some of the historical places in Manila.  Made me try to unearth whatever I have learned about Philippine history I have long buried in my brain.  ha ha 

On our second week, we went to Palawan with my very good friend Kim and my youngest brother.  We went snorkeling and also went to Sabang to check out the famous underground river.  Was planning on visiting El Nido and Port Barton but didn’t have enough time.  True, we want to see as much as we can but also didn’t want to do too much on a vacation.  We definitely had fun though…especially daring each other to eat the wood worm.  🙂

wood-worm.jpg  sabang.jpg  mouth-of-underground-cave.jpg  underground-river.jpg

My bub had to go away alone on a trip to San Fernando, La Union on our third week as some surf-able beaches are found there.  Didn’t really want to let him go alone but I had my commitments here in Manila and I also didn’t want to keep him back…  In the end, it was ok as he was able to find his way there and back and made some new friends as well.  And can you imagine, he took a ride on the jeepney on his own on his way back to Chinatown.  He remembered I mentioned “Divisoria” to him lots of times as the place where I grew up in and also that it’s still very close to where I live now.  Imagine my surprise when I received a message from him saying he’s in a jeepney that says “Divisoria”.  ha ha  I just had to instruct him to tell the driver where to let him down and he found his way back easily to his hotel.  Not only is he brave, he’s also very smart!  🙂

After a few weeks in the very busy Chinatown… I’m more than happy to get back to my much quieter life in Perth.  🙂  However, having said that, there’s a part of me that’s starting to feel a bit sad because it’s just sinking in that I’ll be leaving my family again soon… my dream is that my family can one day go to Australia too…

To friends who I wasn’t able to meet up with on this trip… please accept my sincererest apologies.  I will try to make it up to you.  🙂  See you soon!!!


2 Responses to “My bub’s first trip to Manila…”

  1. Pinay Jade Says:

    Hey I didn’t realize that you are a Filipina! I love Divisoria, my grandma had a place there in the past and we always go to Tondo during Fiestas in January.

    Did you like Palawan? We loveeee it there, in fact we will live there in the future.

    I am also going to Palawan for a short trip next week, I can’t wait!

  2. Pinay Jade Says:

    Ooops sorry…I got lost! this is actually my first time in your blog. I thought I was still in Papams’ blog.

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