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Dreaming of You… February 22, 2008

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Another full packed week… whew!  😛

This week, I’m again mixing cocktails in school… this time though, it’s for real.  Last time, we were playing around with some real and some fake ingredients.  This time, all the ingredients we used were real.  So we’re like draining lots of expensive liqueurs, whisky, rum, etc down the drain.  I know heaps of people who would have loved to have those drinks.  🙂  Also, we had to come up with our own cocktail and name them.  I named mine Dreaming Of You because I like the song a lot.  It also sounds very romantic.

img_0752.jpg   img_0756.jpg   img_0760.jpg

Also, another great thing that happened this week was when I saw “Dirk the Tramp”.  I was walking in the city on the way to school when I saw people looking at this old man walking around with a trolley and playing sounds.  And then on closer look, it was a machine!!!  I couldn’t believe it… and so did the other people.  In just a few seconds, lots of people had crowded around him.  I took a photo of him and showed it to my bub.

img_0732.jpg   img_0735.jpg

Just by looking at the pics, my bub didn’t believe that it was actually just a machine.  I even took a video but even then, my bub was insisting that it’s not.  Anyway… the next day… he saw it in the newspaper.  AHA!  he he  You can read more about it here.


Happy Heart’s Day!!! February 15, 2008

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Did everyone have a love-filled day yesterday?  I hope so… 🙂

My day started with my bub bringing me an early morning breakfast of assorted fruit slices with a dash of honey.  I had to go to school and he had to go to work.

In the evening, instead of going to a restaurant and clamoring with other guests, because service here is sooo slow as labor is expensive, we had picnic by the river instead.  I prepared taco for dinner and strawberry cheesecake for dessert.  Looking for the taco ingredients was easy but my my… looking for my cheesecake ingredients was quite difficult.  I was accustomed to making my cheesecake using Manila packaging sizes.  Here it’s completely different… I couldn’t even find crushed graham crackers… I have to continue looking… I just might find it one of these days in one of the local shops here.  Anyhow… I had to make do with what I can find… in the end, everything turned out great!  🙂

img_0726.jpg   img_0731.jpg


Gong Xi Fa Cai… February 6, 2008

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Happy Chinese New Year!  Been lazy lately so haven’t been blogging… 😛  It’s mostly due to getting accustomed again to coming back to school and going back to work.  Felt like my holiday wasn’t really enough.  he he  My bub and I are now looking forward to booking flights to Bali again sometime soon… 🙂  yeeha!

Been back in Perth for 2 weeks now but felt like I haven’t been away at all.  Been going crabbing with my bubby and his sister, Julia, as well as her boyfriend, Brett.  The boys were able to catch heaps of crabs while the girls relaxed on the beach.  Man, were the crabs BIG!  And needless to say, they’re absolutely yummy!

img_0670.jpg   img_0665.jpg   img_0664.jpg

Also had my first Australia Day last Jan 26.  Spent the day walking on the beach with my bub… and then going to a cruise with my bub, Julia, Brett, mum (bub’s mom) and Julia’s friend, Stacy.  It was actually through Stacy that we were able to get cheap tickets to the cruise.  And it was there on the ship that we watched the fireworks.  It was grand!  Loads of money was spent by the WA government to be able to showcase such grand fireworks which lasted for about 30 minutes.  Never in my life have I seen such a show!  So overall… it was one heck of an evening!  🙂

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we went to Chinatown (Northbridge) to have dinner and watch lion dance.  Here in Perth, the lions go inside the restaurant and perform.  The restaurant personnel gives each of the table a couple of “ang-pao” (small red envelope), and briefly tells the customers what to do.  They also tell us to make it challenging for the lion to grab the ang-pao so some of us got up on the chairs and held the ang-pao as high as we could. 

img_0710.jpg   img_0714.jpg

Well… that’s it for now… gotta go to class.  Ciao!