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Happy Heart’s Day!!! February 15, 2008

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Did everyone have a love-filled day yesterday?  I hope so… 🙂

My day started with my bub bringing me an early morning breakfast of assorted fruit slices with a dash of honey.  I had to go to school and he had to go to work.

In the evening, instead of going to a restaurant and clamoring with other guests, because service here is sooo slow as labor is expensive, we had picnic by the river instead.  I prepared taco for dinner and strawberry cheesecake for dessert.  Looking for the taco ingredients was easy but my my… looking for my cheesecake ingredients was quite difficult.  I was accustomed to making my cheesecake using Manila packaging sizes.  Here it’s completely different… I couldn’t even find crushed graham crackers… I have to continue looking… I just might find it one of these days in one of the local shops here.  Anyhow… I had to make do with what I can find… in the end, everything turned out great!  🙂

img_0726.jpg   img_0731.jpg


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