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Dreaming of You… February 22, 2008

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Another full packed week… whew!  😛

This week, I’m again mixing cocktails in school… this time though, it’s for real.  Last time, we were playing around with some real and some fake ingredients.  This time, all the ingredients we used were real.  So we’re like draining lots of expensive liqueurs, whisky, rum, etc down the drain.  I know heaps of people who would have loved to have those drinks.  🙂  Also, we had to come up with our own cocktail and name them.  I named mine Dreaming Of You because I like the song a lot.  It also sounds very romantic.

img_0752.jpg   img_0756.jpg   img_0760.jpg

Also, another great thing that happened this week was when I saw “Dirk the Tramp”.  I was walking in the city on the way to school when I saw people looking at this old man walking around with a trolley and playing sounds.  And then on closer look, it was a machine!!!  I couldn’t believe it… and so did the other people.  In just a few seconds, lots of people had crowded around him.  I took a photo of him and showed it to my bub.

img_0732.jpg   img_0735.jpg

Just by looking at the pics, my bub didn’t believe that it was actually just a machine.  I even took a video but even then, my bub was insisting that it’s not.  Anyway… the next day… he saw it in the newspaper.  AHA!  he he  You can read more about it here.


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