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Sailing on a yacht & Sculpture by the sea… March 11, 2008

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Had another working week in school… sort of like on the job thing… nothing much to talk about there…

On the other hand, had quite a fun weekend.  Went sailing on Saturday with my bub & his good mate, Glen.  We went to Garden Island.  It’s incredible how people invented sailing… we were on Glen’s yacht, where there’s no motor at all, it was just propelled by the wind and that’s it.  It was an incredible experience.  Glen was even kind enough to let me have a go at being a skipper… had to say, I did quite well.  ha ha  can’t wait to have a go at it again soon.  It took us quite a while to get to Garden Island because of the strong wind.  But still… it was well worth it.  Although most parts of Garden Island is prohibitied as it is used by the military, heaps of people bring their yacht’s there and just moor by the side and have a quiet time having picnic in their yacht or going fishing.

img_0773.jpg    img_0776.jpg

On Sunday, we went to Cottlesloe Beach very early in the morning to have breakfast there and also look at the sculpture show they hold there every year, they call it Sculpture By The Sea.  I must say, some, if not all, of the art work are really one of a kind.


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