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Happy Easter!!! March 25, 2008

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Easter here in Perth is quite quiet.  😛  Unlike in Manila where there’s a lot of celebration – especially in places like Quiapo where you’d see people whipping themselves, someone getting crucified, people walking on their knees, etc.

People here just take the time to really slow down and enjoy the long weekend away from work, after all, it’s their longest holiday.  4 straight days for most people, from Friday to the following Monday.  Nothing beats the lllooonnnggg Idul Fitri holiday in Indonesia though.  😛

Anyhow… my bub & I started the Easter with an outdoor movie.  It seems to be very popular here in Australia.  It’s quite a good concept.  It was a pretty interesting movie as well… but I can’t even remember the title.  ha ha  It was a true story about the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, a non-stop, single-handed, round-the-world yacht race, held in 1968–1969, the first round-the-world yacht race.  What’s so fascinating about it?  I’ll let you read the story yourself.  I bet you’d find it quite interesting as I did.  😉

After that, I’ve just been relaxing over the weekend.  Had a full day on Monday though.  We went to Rockingham, got the kayak ready and went to Penguin Island (where I didn’t see any penguin at all so I don’t know why they named it that.  Oh well…), stopped to have a picnic, then on to Shag Island, then last but not least, Seal Island.

Had the most fun in Seal Island.  There was a total of 13 male seals, they all looked so lazy just lying on the beach but there was one that was quite playful and almost looked like it was putting on a show for all the people looking.  One man went down into the water and frolicked a little bit with the seal, it was really fun watching them play together.  And they were so close to our kayak too.  I felt both scared and excited when the seal played around our kayak… circling it ever so slowly… part of me was afraid that it might try and topple our kayak over while part of me wanted it to surface just beside the kayak where I can almost touch it…  anyhow, it did none of that…  let me share with you some pictures.

getting ready   Penguin Island   Penguin Island   Shag Island   Seal Island   Playful Seal   Seal Island

I hope everyone had a good rest this Easter.  🙂


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