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buzz… buzz… buzz… April 30, 2008

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I feel wired and weird… hmmm… let’s see… what’s been happening? 

Well… last Wednesday eve, I didn’t go to work because my bub was set to fly on Thursday to Bali, so we planned to have a cozy dinner… but I’ve also been really interested in getting my own car lately so Max suggested we go look at car yards to give me more of an idea what type of car I want. 

So, we went to Vic Park and spent about an hour looking at cars… my my… it seems like every single car I see, I like… ha ha  But I think we’ve limited down the choices a bit to a manual car and small to medium size.  I wanted to get one then and there but Max is right that we do have to look around more, get the feel of everything and then make an informed and practical decision.

Afterwards, we ate at an Indian Restaurant and it was the most authentic Indian meal I’ve ever had, it was also the best lassie drink I’ve ever had.  We ordered a very hot beef curry dish and a sweet mango sauce prawn dish.  It was the perfect combination I would say.  They mean it when they say the dish is hot.  whew!  I had to keep blowing my nose during the meal.  ha ha  But felt really good afterwards though.  

So… Thursday I had to bring Max to the airport… which really made me nervous as I’m not familiar with the roads yet and also with driving rules… I mean, driving in Manila as compared to driving here is totally different, first is the steering wheel is on different sides, and then in Manila, there’s really NO rules in driving while here, everything is RULES, RULES, RULES.

So anyway, driving to the airport was ok… driving home was another story…  I think I got 2 drivers upset… nothing drastic but I was the one at wrong so I felt really bad about it… it took me about 3-4 days to get over it.  😛

Anyway, my bub’s been away for about a week now… another week to go and he’ll be back.  Can’t wait.  Hopefully the trip to and from the airport will be uneventful.  🙂


School holiday… April 17, 2008

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Currently in Perth, or should I say Australia, students are on school break… and that includes me-self.  🙂  Today is the last day and then it’s about 3 weeks holiday… yey!!!  Part of me is looking forward to the break from school but part of me is dreading it because my bubby is going away to Bali for yet another surfing trip for about 3 weeks. 

At first, a few months back, we talked about it and planned on going together.  And then I changed my mind… thinking that I would just eat nonstop there and laze around most of the time reading my ebooks while waiting for him as he usually goes surfing twice a day and each “surfing session” can last up to about 4 hours.  It’s also because I want to save up money to buy me-self a car, buy my bub a new fridge and also to save up for a not-so-far-in-the-future wedding.  *wink wink*

My bub found out my plan and insisted on buying the new fridge himself, and he’s also told me that he wants to buy me a car… wowowee!  Isn’t he the greatest?!?!?!

Anyhow… I plan to spend the next couple of weeks working working and more working… and then also to finally start on putting a sort of a scrap book of our love story together as this is one requirement that couples need to submit to the Australian Immigration Department whenever they apply for a spousal visa.  I tell you… visas here are really a pain in the b*m.  Anyhow, it’s all gonna be worth it in the end.  🙂


Another first… BIG MAC! April 9, 2008

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You wouldn’t believe it… but yesterday, for lunch, I had a Big Mac for the very first time.  ha ha  Well… I’m not gonna comment on it much because there’s really nothing to say… except that I still very much prefer the burger from Burger Machine!  (fyi, burger machine is a fast food burger chain in Philippines.  You’d see them on the side of the road everywhere in Manila… well, that might be exaggerating a bit.. but I’m not joking when I say that there’s really a lot of them.)

Anyhow… what else has been happening?  My bub and I went to Mandurah the weekend before and we caught some good fishes… whiting, herring, garfish, etc.  It was a new experience for me… from hooking bait, catching fish, removing them from the hook, cleaning them right beside the river and then cooking them – all on my own.  It was great!!!  Nothing beats fresh fish. 

Also, an unforgettable experience was when we were fishing, it was at about 4pm in the afternoon, there was only Max & myself in one of the fishing areas when 4 dolphins suddenly showed and was just playing around, like putting on a show for us.  It was quite a sight to behold!