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Another first… BIG MAC! April 9, 2008

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You wouldn’t believe it… but yesterday, for lunch, I had a Big Mac for the very first time.  ha ha  Well… I’m not gonna comment on it much because there’s really nothing to say… except that I still very much prefer the burger from Burger Machine!  (fyi, burger machine is a fast food burger chain in Philippines.  You’d see them on the side of the road everywhere in Manila… well, that might be exaggerating a bit.. but I’m not joking when I say that there’s really a lot of them.)

Anyhow… what else has been happening?  My bub and I went to Mandurah the weekend before and we caught some good fishes… whiting, herring, garfish, etc.  It was a new experience for me… from hooking bait, catching fish, removing them from the hook, cleaning them right beside the river and then cooking them – all on my own.  It was great!!!  Nothing beats fresh fish. 

Also, an unforgettable experience was when we were fishing, it was at about 4pm in the afternoon, there was only Max & myself in one of the fishing areas when 4 dolphins suddenly showed and was just playing around, like putting on a show for us.  It was quite a sight to behold!   


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