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buzz… buzz… buzz… April 30, 2008

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I feel wired and weird… hmmm… let’s see… what’s been happening? 

Well… last Wednesday eve, I didn’t go to work because my bub was set to fly on Thursday to Bali, so we planned to have a cozy dinner… but I’ve also been really interested in getting my own car lately so Max suggested we go look at car yards to give me more of an idea what type of car I want. 

So, we went to Vic Park and spent about an hour looking at cars… my my… it seems like every single car I see, I like… ha ha  But I think we’ve limited down the choices a bit to a manual car and small to medium size.  I wanted to get one then and there but Max is right that we do have to look around more, get the feel of everything and then make an informed and practical decision.

Afterwards, we ate at an Indian Restaurant and it was the most authentic Indian meal I’ve ever had, it was also the best lassie drink I’ve ever had.  We ordered a very hot beef curry dish and a sweet mango sauce prawn dish.  It was the perfect combination I would say.  They mean it when they say the dish is hot.  whew!  I had to keep blowing my nose during the meal.  ha ha  But felt really good afterwards though.  

So… Thursday I had to bring Max to the airport… which really made me nervous as I’m not familiar with the roads yet and also with driving rules… I mean, driving in Manila as compared to driving here is totally different, first is the steering wheel is on different sides, and then in Manila, there’s really NO rules in driving while here, everything is RULES, RULES, RULES.

So anyway, driving to the airport was ok… driving home was another story…  I think I got 2 drivers upset… nothing drastic but I was the one at wrong so I felt really bad about it… it took me about 3-4 days to get over it.  😛

Anyway, my bub’s been away for about a week now… another week to go and he’ll be back.  Can’t wait.  Hopefully the trip to and from the airport will be uneventful.  🙂


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