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I’m engaged! May 15, 2008

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I still can’t believe it… 🙂  I’ve waited a lifetime for this moment… and now that it has finally come… I’m… speechless.  😛  It really hits hard and hits home hey?  🙂  All my countless daydreams does not measure up to the real one.  🙂 

Let me share with you how it happened…

As mentioned in my previous entries, my bub went away for a few weeks to Bali for a surfing trip, he was away up until after Mother’s Day.  So I thought… why not plan a post-dinner get together to celebrate Mother’s Day with my bub’s mom (And sister, Julia, and her boyfriend, Brett) as well as celebrate his safe homecoming… and also his anniversary at work… and for simply being alive and being together.  🙂  I even made up a very nice e-invitation card and sent it to everyone… even my bub was quite surprised… unknowingly, I created the perfect opportunity for his proposal.  😛

So, on d-day, I was preparing food and stuff and getting myself hyped up and excited all throughout the day… at the same time telling myself to slow down and not get stressed.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly and it has been awhile as well since I’ve seen everybody.  So… the set time came and everyone arrived on time and started chattering away…

Julia wanted to have some soup first so I decided to serve the soup first then rest for a bit before serving up the rest of the dinner.  Max got up and walked away from the table and the next thing I know… he’s got his camera running and he’s in his suit!  So instantly I thought, OH MY!  Is this the moment that I’ve been waiting for?  And then my mind just went blank… ha ha  I suddenly couldn’t comprehend what was happening.  He handed the camera to Julia and then proceeded to make a sweet speech… and then went down on his knees and asked me to marry him.  WHOOOEEE!!!  🙂  Thus far, it’s the happiest moment in my life.  🙂  Nothing compares!  Nothing!

We have talked about marriage and stuff as we needed to because of visa issues… and while he was away, I was actually thinking, I wonder how do I let him know my finger size?  Will we be shopping together for the right ring?  And so on and so forth… but I remember telling him sometime back that “IF” (he he) I’m getting a ring, I want a simple ring that I can wear for everyday that won’t look too much… and he got the perfect one for me! 

Having attended numerous weddings of relatives and friends, now, it’s my turn to plan for mine.  🙂

P.S. You may watch the video on youtube.


2 Responses to “I’m engaged!”

  1. juliet Says:

    Hey, stephanie…

    I finally got to visit your blog. Nice to catch up on what you’re doing there. When is the civil wedding at the magistrate, is it? is your mum and dad going ? I’ll just occasionally check in and see what you’re up to.

    Ciao and take care.

    Achi Bea

  2. Peggy Says:

    Hi Steph,


    Best Wishes with Love.

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