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Got my car!!! May 18, 2008

Filed under: Blogroll — stayfunny @ 10:46 am

What an amazing week!  🙂  There was a couple of small things that I won’t mention here anymore.  But a big thing is I got engaged… and to cap the week off, bought me-self a powerful car.  Powerful car for a powerful lady.  *ehem ehem*  😛

It’s a Mazda 626 2.5L V6 engine, a/t, a/c, p/s, cruise control, central locking and it’s got mags to boot!  🙂  got it pretty cheap too!  🙂

It’s my first purchase of a car so I’m feeling proud of myself.  Absolutely ecstatic!  🙂


The thing now is to keep myself from over-decorating the inside of the car.  😛



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