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The Scene is Set June 5, 2008

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Both Max & I are really excited and looking forward to our wedding day.  His mum is also really excited… she even brought me out one day to look for dresses and when we found THE DRESS, she bought it for me.  🙂  And I really feel welcome-d to the family… I couldn’t have asked for a better mum-in-law.

As mentioned in my previous entry, the registry wedding is to be a small and simple event with only Max’s family present and maybe a few friends… but IT IS developing into a much bigger event.

At first, the idea is to have the registry wedding first, and then apply for our spousal visa, and then plan for a church wedding in Manila.  But, the truth is, having a church wedding is really not that important for me.  True, I get to be a princess for one day but the way I think is that the real reason people do a grand wedding is basically, to show off.

One evening, an idea hit me!  I thought, instead of spending heaps of money for a grand wedding, why not divert the funds to paying an all expense paid holiday trip for my whole family instead and get them here?  What a FANTASTIC idea!  I couldn’t sleep that night.  I was simply too excited!  🙂  Both my mom and Max were just concerned whether it’s really ok that I don’t get to wear a WHITE dress and walk down the aisle.

So… with that, it seems that the event on July 11 will be THE DAY already.  More considerations to make about getting a good photog, make-up, etc etc.

Any recommendations?  🙂


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