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Marriage life is bliss… July 25, 2008

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Contrary to what some of my friends say… I find that married life is great!

Before I got married, when some of my married friends found out that Max has proposed, they told me to expect the worst, what with you suddenly learning a lot of new things that you didn’t know about your now-spouse-ex-fiance.  he he  Anyhow, I’m happy to share with you that I find that is not the case at all!  I love every single moment of every day with my hubby!  And I’m sure some of you might say, give it a little bit more time, after all, it’s only been 2 weeks… but I honestly feel that we’ll remain loving for a very very long time.  🙂

Here’s to happily ever after!  🙂


A Fantastic Day… (Max’s version) July 16, 2008

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My hubby’s version is sooo much better than mine… without a doubt, he’s a much better communicator than me.


A Fantastic Day


What a great day for both me and Steph.

It started ridiculously early for me, only cause I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I turned on the heaters and outside lights, waited for the sun to come up and the hair and makeup lady to arrive.

My bride awoke and jumped in her leggings for the cold and over that, the last dress she would put on as a single girl.

Maggie, the hair and makeup lady, arrived basically right on time. I helped her unload a very large makeup box then a huge suitcase full of tools of the trade. I was immediately put at ease to see Maggie experienced and in control. Many thanks to Maggie, confident, and a job well done.

The 2 girls now set in business I looked at the clock. Just past 7am Aahhh! Photographers coming soon, I’ve got to be ready. My first nerves of the event, I managed to cut myself shaving no less than 3 times.

Charlene and KC, the photographers, arrived a little early. They too put my mind at ease as they set about taking photos of everything, gifts, Steph, me running about etc. Through out the day they never stopped failing to impress me, enthusiasm till the very end. Many thanks to Charlene and KC. A job extremely well done, far surpassed my expectations, excellent work! (Photos not presented to us yet, but should be good)

Barry, the limo driver had reversed down the driveway. Steph and Maggie nearly finished, Charlene and KC clicking away. “Steph look in the driveway” I knew about the limo but it was a surprise to Steph from Mum and Julia (many thanks). The limo met expectations, Barry polite and kind, the car a little luxury for the trip into and away from the city later.

Time to go aaahhh!

Stopped along the way at the florist to pick up the champagne colored bouquet and matching pin for my lapel. Charlene clicking away as we walked down the windy street. Charlene with us clicking in the limo to Julia’s house as we opened the bottle of non-alcoholic champagne.

Stopped at Julia’s and had a little time with her and mum to take photos in Julia’s house. Everyone excited and looking wonderful.

Perfect timing as the 4 of us arrived in the city. Everybody else arrived or arriving looking smart and on time (many thanks)

Up to the registry waiting room, we all talking, cameras clicking, very exciting. The main event only 1 door and minutes away.

I gave Nic and Rafael a camera each and asked them to video the events from opposite corners of the room. And here Steph and I made the mistake of using an unknown camera thinking it would be better. A note for those in the future. Stick with what you know.

The ceremony itself was set in a very nice room and was a blend of the official, and feel good un-official. Very nice, with the obligatory mix up of the rings, so funny. I took that opportunity to say a few words followed by dad.

Car allocations set we convoyed to queens garden for a magic photo shoot. Wind, sunshine, grey skies and even a little rain gave us all conditions for the camera.

Then to the Sheraton hotel, I had made calls earlier to the general manager. We were met and the first of many generous surprises from the Sheraton was to be taken to the Presidential suite for photos. The Presidential suite. Top floor end of the hall, no room number but the title “Presidential suite” photos everywhere, we were King and Queen.

A few more shots in the foyer and it was time to say good bye to the photographers. 4hrs and 6 different locations. Fantastic.

Then to a buffet lunch where the Sheraton gave us all not only a complimentary glass of champagne each but followed up with 2 more bottles. Debra Watts, general manager, of the Sheraton Perth, thank you so much. I can’t say enough. Far exceeded expectations.

To top it off 2 discount cards were offered to me to use which gave me a huge reduction in the final bill. Many thanks Nic and Julia.

Barry had the limo waiting and after a few drop offs we were pulling into our driveway a happily married couple.

That evening we took the ferry to Rottnest Island for our mini-moon. The ferry company gave us a discount and a bottle of wine and chocolates. Many thanks Stacey.

The day was fantastic from start to finish.

Thanks to friends and family who gave generously, drove, took videos and generally just picked things up after me and Steph and made us feel so fantastic on our fantastic day.

For those overseas please hear my speech on you-tube, I tried to mention you all

We haven’t got any of the professional photos yet but when I do ill flood your scenes with the most wonderful shots (ha-ha I promise) but until then here are a few un-professional, cheers.

Max and Steph


Max has put in my name but the writing’s really all him.  🙂

Anyhow, here’s a few sneak-peeks that Charlene & KC sent us…




Just married… (Steph’s version) July 15, 2008

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On Friday, July 11, 2008 at 10am, Max & I became one. 🙂 It was a perfect & romantic day and my groom was more handsome than any prince I could have imagined as a little girl growing up. It wasn’t the big fancy wedding I had once envisioned but it was more than I could ever have hoped for: to be marrying my best friend, the person who knows me and understands me and accepts and loves me better than anyone else in this world, the man who has my whole heart. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

The weather forecast was not so good but the day turned out to be perfect for us.  Like Max’s mate said, it’s like we had the four seasons all in one day.

The day started with me getting up at 6:30 to get ready for my hair and make-up.  And then at about 8:15am, I was pleasantly surprised to see a white limousine drive up the driveway – it was a surprise from my mum-in-law & sis-in-law!  🙂  Couldn’t have asked for a better ‘transporter’.  😛


We had a nice wedding, several good photog sessions, great yummy lunch and then a wonderful mini-moon at Rottnest.  😛  I caught a biggie Leather Jacket as my first catch on my new fishing rod, got to pet some quokkas, basically, really just had fun!  Max also had a fun surfing session.


I’d like to convey my sincerest gratitude to:

God: for the blessings… and blessings… and even more blessings…
My family and relatives: for the love and the support through the years and in the years yet to come…  thank you.
Max’s family: for embracing me wholeheartedly into the family right from the very beginning, thank you so very very much!  Special mention to Mum, who has always been the best mother for Max, and a good surrogate mother to me.  She gave her time unselfishly and went shopping with me for my wedding dress – which she then bought for me, among other things… She’s just been the most generous person!  I can’t ever thank her enough.  Thanks mum!
For my two very best friends (Kim & Anna): for giving their support even though we’re hundreds and thousands of miles apart… I really really appreciate it.
For other friends: thank you for making me feel so very special by sharing your enthusiasm and joy on my special day…
Charlene & KC: for their enthusiasm and using their expertise to capture as many moments as possible on our special day…
Maggie: for my hair & make-up, for making me look like a princess…
Sheraton Hotel: with special mention to the General Manager, Deborah, for the incomparable treatment & service we got, making our special day even more special.

P.S. I will share with you our wedding photos as soon as I get them from KC and Charlene.  😛


On fishing… July 4, 2008

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Recently, I’ve acquired the hobby of fishing.  I’ve asked Max to bring me fishing on several occassions now and I’m glad to say that so far, each and every time, I’ve caught fishes – I can’t claim that I’m really good at it, maybe it’s just because there are just lots of fishes for catching.  he he

And so… Max bought me a sort of a pre-wedding/wedding gift, a brand new fishing gear complete with lures too.  He’s sooo sweet isn’t he?  🙂

The last time we went fishing, I lost a $10 lure that we had just purchased on the same day!  I didn’t even see the fish that got away with it!  tsk tsk  I didn’t even get the chance to see the biggest fish so far that I’ve caught… oh well… better luck next time!


One week to go… July 3, 2008

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One week left before I become a missus… can’t wait!!!  I’m sooo excited!  🙂  Everything is set as far as I’m concerned.  I’ve got the wedding venue (wouldn’t want to forget this do we?  he he), hair & make-up, photog, reception, bouquet, dress, pouch, shoes… groom (of course)!  😛  And my bub’s family and very few close friends.  🙂

The plan:

0645 – 0815: hair & make-up
0830 – 0840: pick up bouquet @ florist
0930 – 0945: gather at westralia square
1000 – 1030: wedding ceremony
1045 – 1130: photo session at Queens Garden
1200 – 1400: lunch at Sheraton Hotel
            1800: leave for Rottnest Island for our first mini honeymoon

Sounds good doesn’t it?  Hope we can keep up with the plan to avoid stress.  I really don’t want any stress at all on my big day.  🙂