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One week to go… July 3, 2008

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One week left before I become a missus… can’t wait!!!  I’m sooo excited!  🙂  Everything is set as far as I’m concerned.  I’ve got the wedding venue (wouldn’t want to forget this do we?  he he), hair & make-up, photog, reception, bouquet, dress, pouch, shoes… groom (of course)!  😛  And my bub’s family and very few close friends.  🙂

The plan:

0645 – 0815: hair & make-up
0830 – 0840: pick up bouquet @ florist
0930 – 0945: gather at westralia square
1000 – 1030: wedding ceremony
1045 – 1130: photo session at Queens Garden
1200 – 1400: lunch at Sheraton Hotel
            1800: leave for Rottnest Island for our first mini honeymoon

Sounds good doesn’t it?  Hope we can keep up with the plan to avoid stress.  I really don’t want any stress at all on my big day.  🙂


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