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On fishing… July 4, 2008

Filed under: Blogroll — stayfunny @ 12:51 pm

Recently, I’ve acquired the hobby of fishing.  I’ve asked Max to bring me fishing on several occassions now and I’m glad to say that so far, each and every time, I’ve caught fishes – I can’t claim that I’m really good at it, maybe it’s just because there are just lots of fishes for catching.  he he

And so… Max bought me a sort of a pre-wedding/wedding gift, a brand new fishing gear complete with lures too.  He’s sooo sweet isn’t he?  🙂

The last time we went fishing, I lost a $10 lure that we had just purchased on the same day!  I didn’t even see the fish that got away with it!  tsk tsk  I didn’t even get the chance to see the biggest fish so far that I’ve caught… oh well… better luck next time!


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