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What’s up… August 21, 2008

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Haven’t written for a couple of weeks now… been busy with nothing and everything.  😛

I’m happy to say that I don’t have to go to school anymore!  YEY!  I still cannot look for a full time job because although I am holding a bridging visa A, the stipulations under that is the same as the student visa one with the exception of going to school.  Anyhow… that still frees up a lot of my time… and since my mom-in-law is moving house soon, it gives me time to shop with her for new household appliances and stuff stuff… and also to help out with just basically everything.  🙂

What else has been happening?  Oh oh… I got wireless broadband already… just waiting for the wireless USB modem to arrive at our doorstep within the next couple of days… maybe even today!  YEY!  ha ha  it’s took me ages to finally get one… because of my stinginess of course!

Last night, my bubby and I went fishing again and for the first time, I caught a squid!  🙂  good hey?  I was totally elated!  ha ha ha

This morning, I had eggs benedict for the first time in my life… true I see them when we have buffet breakfast in some places but they just don’t look yummy enough that I leave them alone all the time.  This time, I made them myself!  he he  And my bubby reckons it’s the yummiest eggs benedict he’s ever had! 🙂

Also, look at this.  Look at our dog sunbathing!  She does that every morning hey.  She sits in one of the chair in the patio and just stays there for quite some time just basking in the sun.  🙂

Last but not least… we’re getting our wedding photos this weekend!  YEY YEY YEY!  Will be sharing with you the photos soon!  🙂


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