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It’s now official… September 26, 2008

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I’ve now got the temporary spouse visa label on my passport.  Got and done it yesterday.  Here’s my bub flaunting my passport.  😛  And he got me a nice big rose.  🙂


That’s my favorite type of rose…  It’s called “Mr.Lincoln” – why?  I don’t have a clue.  he he  I just know it smells really really really good, and we have it in our front yard so it’s fantastic, not to mention convenient too!

My bub & I have been busy the last several weeks with cleaning mum’s house so we can rent it out.  At first it seems really daunting.  Look at the tree that my bub had to cut down…

Nah… he didn’t really cut that one down… it’s just too big!  We’d have to get professional help next time we do decide to cut that tree down.  Anyhow, he did have to cut down several trees, as well as clean the backyard, clean the house and do some minor fix-up, sounds little but it’s really not – took more time than you’d think.  I helped with some but there’s no question as to who did the most work.  😛

My bub advertised the house in the newspaper but we were not getting lots of responses so for awhile there, he was getting worried.  One night, when he can’t seem to sleep, he surfed the net for websites on where he can post advertisements.  You see, ever since we got our broadband, he’s become quite an internet fanatic.  😛  And then he found Gumtree – and it’s excellent.  It brought us more calls and inquiries than the newspaper ever did… 2 days after we posted our advertisement, the house got rented out.  And not bad tenants too… not bad at all.  We’re still getting calls a month after we posted that advertisement.  😛  So if you have anything at all you wanted, either to sell or buy or whatever, try Gumtree.  The website is very user friendly!

And so… before we handed over the house to the tenants, we simply had to use the outdoor barbeque, which made Max reminisce his childhood days.


Isn’t he adorable?  🙂

And while all these things was going on, another good thing was happening on the other side of the world.  My sister in law is getting ready to give birth to a baby girl we’ve been calling Jellybean.  😛  And on the 5th of September, at 2am, our niece, Naomi, came into this world.


What a cute little thing huh!  Look at how small she is compared to her dad.  😛

And then, after things had died down a little bit, my bub decided to finally go and get some herbs that he had promised me.  I grew up with sauces and stuff, I don’t really know how to use herbs while he grew up with herbs and sauces, so he would like very much for me to learn how to use them.  And so…


We started with only a little bit and we’ll see where we go from there… I’ve done well with my strawberry plant and some chili plants… hopefully I do right with these herbs too.  And then, if all goes well, I’ll have to make a bigger garden patch for the herbs.  😛  crossing my fingers.  🙂

And then, to top it all off, our wedding gift from mum (one of many), an expensive, extremely good looking wardrobe arrived.  We absolutely love it!!!


So, with all the good things happening, we simply had to celebrate.  We knew where we wanted to go but my bub suggested that we book ahead… we didn’t know the name of the restaurant so that was a bit of a problem.  I looked at the yellow pages and then eventually tried the internet and found someone’s blog speaking of the exact restaurant that we had in mind… except that… after all the raving about the food, he forgot to mention the name of the restaurant!!!  ha ha ha

I eventually found it though… internet never ceases to amaze me huh!  If you kept at it, you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for.  I found the restaurant through Yellowpages online.  And before I forget too, the name of the restaurant is Cora Charcoal Bbq.  It’s a Korean buffet where there’s cooked food, and also fresh meat, prawn, etc that you cook on charcoal.  Food’s good and it was fun!


Previously, whenever I go to a buffet restaurant, I’d always eat too much and berate myself afterwards.  But then, the next time I do go again, I do the same thing.  I think I’ve had more practice now so I’m doing better at it.  I just ate the right amount and so still felt good afterwards.  Can’t wait for the next food adventure!  Can’t wait for our Bali trip where I can eat all sorts of chili again!  🙂


Spouse visa approved September 17, 2008

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Wahoo!  A celebration is in order!  We’ve finally gotten our spousal visa.  🙂  The document from Indonesia took 6 weeks in coming but all in all… it doesn’t really matter now.  he he

My hubby has been reserving a bottle of Moet & Chandon precisely for this occassion.  It can now finally move from the cupboard to the fridge.  😛

Also… in another sort of celebratory way… we’re going to Bali (where it all started) next month for a much deserved 3 weeks holiday, can’t wait!!!

Can’t say much for now… I’m in sort of a speechless mood.  😛