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Happy Christmas everyone!!! December 18, 2008

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Mad christmas rush…. aahhhhhh………

I’ve been busy for the last few weeks in my new job.  After getting my WA driver’s license, I went straight into looking for work… not expecting that with the economy so bad, big private companies have gone freeze-hiring to cut down their costs.  So, looking for work turned out to be a bigger drama than it was supposed to be.  But, I’ve been blessed yet again.  My sister in law works in a prison as a nurse and as it turns out, they were looking for someone for administration work.

I’ve been working there for 3 weeks now and it’s been great!  Every single day is unique and I meet people from all walks of life.  It really is very interesting… as it is a prison, eventhough it’s minimum supervision, I can’t really write a lot about it as the Australian Government is very strict with these kind of thing.  I wouldn’t want to get into trouble and then be imprisoned there myself… that would be hilarious!  ha ha

I’ve been told that working for the Government is as good as it gets cause they do give a lot of benefits for their citizens… and I have the option later on to move around to other departments if I want to.  We’ll see… I can’t say yet what I’ll be doing for the long term especially with the plan of having a baby next year in mind.  Fingers crossed!  🙂

As I’ve been busy, I haven’t gotten the chance to do christmas shopping… we’ve left it too late and I can’t believe my eyes when I went to the shopping centre the other day and saw the place swarming with people.  It’s not funny!  One afternoon after work, my bub & I went to a shopping centre but couldn’t even park our car, can you imagine that?!?!  We had to go back home with empty hands.

I’ve been away from Manila for some time now and I had forgotten the mad christmas rush… whew!  I told my husband, next year, we better make sure we finish our christmas shopping by October!  🙂

Tomorrow, 19th December, we’re going to the WACA to watch the test cricket match of Australia vs South Africa.  Can’t wait… I will finally get to see my boyfriend Brett Lee.  ha ha ha

brettlee11   brettlee_682x400_470483a   brett20lee20011

He’s gorgeous isn’t he?  🙂  Whenever we watch cricket on TV, Max would always make a comment when Brett Lee comes out either to bowl or to bat.  He’ll say, “Your boyfriend’s batting now…”, he always makes that comment because then, when Brett Lee gets bowled out with just a few overs, he can make fun of him.  ha ha ha

Anyhow… gotta go to the shop now and get some stuff to bring tomorrow to the WACA and we might be having visitors over the weekend so I gotta buy more food.

Happy Christmas to all!!!