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25 random things about me… February 21, 2009

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1. I met my husband in Bali.

2. My favorite color is violet.

3. I don’t know how to ride a bicycle… yet. There’s hope for it still!  😛

4. I read books through my pocket pc.  Absolutely love it!!!  I’d always have 70++ books with me wherever I go, not because I read fast but because I’m always paranoid that I’ll run out of books to read… he he  And, it doesn’t weigh much at all.  🙂 

5. I am scared of flying cockroaches.

6. I represented Philippines once for a Tai Chi tournament in Fuzhou, China.

7. My all time favorite sport is volleyball.

8. I was thin as a stick when I was younger… I don’t know where all these meat came from.  😛

9. I LOVE food!!!  (now the truth comes out of the horses’ mouth!!! :P)  I used to be able to eat more than my brothers… I still eat a lot now but so much lesser than before… *sigh*… ageing… *sigh*

10. I always daydream of living life as a millionaire.

11. I hate doing selection criterias.  Absolutely hate it!!!  But I’m getting better at it.. 😛

12. I’ve just started to really learn how to swim.

13. I still bite my fingernails when I get all freaked out.

14. I have a navel ring – it was a spur of the moment thing years and years ago… I was with my 2 best buddies and we suddenly got the hankering to get it done, 2 of us got navel rings while the other one got a beautiful little butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder blade.

15. I’ve always thought that I’d be married by 25… I got married 4 years late… the wait was very much worth it though because I have the BEST man!  🙂

16. My favorite ice cream brand is Häagen-Dazs® (strawberry flavor).  I can finish off 1 whole pint just like that.  My next favorite is Ben & Jerry’s.

17. I used to collect stationeries and stickers when I was younger – and most of them are still intact.  🙂  You see, I can’t even bear to use them.  Now, they’re slowly getting used by my brothers.  😛

18. I don’t drink or smoke… because I just don’t like them… which is good!  😉

19. I’ve been in quite a few dancing contests when I was younger, several actually, but, even after all that, I still can’t dance spontaneously… I stand rooted to the spot.  tsk tsk tsk

20. I used to be able to bend back just like that, now… I won’t do it even if you paid me a thousand bucks… I’ll be in extreme pain.

21. I was once a fast runner, 100m in 13secs, that’s fast… I think…he he  well, compared to now.. I can’t even run 100m without hurting my knees. 

22. I get obsessed with counting money when on holidays (according to my husband)  😛

23. I have 3 chickens namely Martha, Bertha (age 19 months) & Maggie (age 21 weeks).

24. I’m blessed to have an underarm that doesn’t grow wild… in fact, doesn’t grow at all!

25. It’s taken me 2 weeks to complete this.  😛

Note: I tagged you but it doesn’t mean that you really have to do this… I don’t want to give you the same pressure it gave me… he he he  but, if you feel the inclination to do it too… then by all means!  *wink wink*



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Haven’t been blogging much… and I have facebook to blame… he he  looking for something, anything to blame… 😛  But truthfully… I’ve been enjoying facebook-ing too much.  I wrestled with myself for a long time not to sign up with facebook because I have several accounts like that to maintain already… I started with friendster, then came hi5, neatvibe,, zedge, multiply… aaaahhhhhhh…. I then dropped everything and just maintained friendster… and even just one is time consuming enough.

I finally succumbed to facebook… even my mother in law is on facebook!!!  😉  Can you beat that?  😛

Anyhow… I found that facebook is really good… I can’t fully explain why but people seem to enjoy using it more and so more people are getting in touch and being updated with each other.

So… if you haven’t got one yet… I highly recommend you try it.  Gives you something to do on your spare time.  I probably should charge facebook for advertising.  he he   Alright… what am I doing here… time to facebook again.  😛