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Facebook-ing… February 21, 2009

Filed under: Blogroll — stayfunny @ 2:41 pm

Haven’t been blogging much… and I have facebook to blame… he he  looking for something, anything to blame… 😛  But truthfully… I’ve been enjoying facebook-ing too much.  I wrestled with myself for a long time not to sign up with facebook because I have several accounts like that to maintain already… I started with friendster, then came hi5, neatvibe,, zedge, multiply… aaaahhhhhhh…. I then dropped everything and just maintained friendster… and even just one is time consuming enough.

I finally succumbed to facebook… even my mother in law is on facebook!!!  😉  Can you beat that?  😛

Anyhow… I found that facebook is really good… I can’t fully explain why but people seem to enjoy using it more and so more people are getting in touch and being updated with each other.

So… if you haven’t got one yet… I highly recommend you try it.  Gives you something to do on your spare time.  I probably should charge facebook for advertising.  he he   Alright… what am I doing here… time to facebook again.  😛


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