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Really should be blogging more… July 31, 2009

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I haven’t been blogging at all lately… spending all my internet time on facebook… not that I spend a lot of time these days on the net anyway.

Plenty of changes going on…

1. I am currently 20.4 weeks pregnant, and getting bigger by the week – oh, and it’s going to be a boy!!! whoopee!!! For photos, visit my facebook profile.

2. Then there’s the changing of workplace. I am officially finished with the Department of Corrective Services and will start with the Department of Health come Monday. Not gonna be taking long drives anymore… yey!!!

I’ve been thinking lately that I wanna get back to blogging more… this time around though… I think my blogs would lean toward my journey through being an expectant mother… to finally being one… and the after effects… he he which I hope will be all good!!! 🙂