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Baby stuff shopping… September 12, 2009

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Max & I have been going out of town a lot recently… either heading into the bushes, or going down south, etc.  But since forecast was windy & rainy for this weekend… we went baby stuff shopping instead.  he he  we’re both pretty bad with shopping around… give us a few minutes inside the shopping centre and we both get completely drained.  😛

Anyhow, I think we did achieve something.  At least we’re getting closer to what we think are the few first essential stuff that we need to get.

1. stroller/pram – we want something that is light yet durable, and also for me, what is essential is that it folds easy.  There are prams/strollers that you need to detach the seat first before you can collapse it.  And then, it’s not even that small when you fold it up.  And man, talk about choices – there’s soo many of them to choose from you don’t even know where to start looking – and prices can be as high as AUD 2,000.  😛  Anyway, we saw a stroller that is relatively light, good for newborn to 17kg (which is about 4-5 yrs old) and also folds easy – not to mention cheap too!  Steelcraft Express Stroller – AUD 129.

Steelcraft Express Coal Recline

2. breast pump – I’ve heard a lot of talk about breast pump, which makes it very confusing whether to get one asap or not.  But… most that I’ve heard is that having a breast pump is not a bad thing,

  • it helps express more milk
  • when you express milk into bottle/s, you can then train baby not to rely solely on you for feeding.  Your husband or other relatives can get the chance to feed the baby too, also gives you freedom to go shopping and maybe go to the spa or something… 😛

There’s also a lot of breast pumps out there… but based on research, top brands are Avent & Medela.  As for here locally, I think Avent is more popular as you can find more accessories at the shops.  So I think I wanna get the Avent isis iq uno electronic breast pump – which costs about AUD 250.  Baby food warmer and steriliser will have to follow later on.  😛

DSC04775 [640x480] 115561_avent_isis_iq_uno_electric Isis IQ Uno

3. baby monitor – Max absolutely wants this – and not only does he want the sound monitor, he wants movement & sound monitor – meaning, it also monitors baby’s heartbeat – it sets off an alarm if baby’s heartbeat drops.  We thought it would be difficult to find but as it is, it’s very popular nowadays.  We’re looking at getting the Babysense II – AUD 300.

Babysense Cover II _ a babysense

4. disposable nappies – we’re going to combine cloth & disposable nappies.  Thank goodness there’s a lot of nappy washing companies around here so I don’t have to worry about the washing.  🙂

5. capsule – Max thinks that we don’t need a car seat straightaway so we might hire a capsule in the beginning as they’re relatively cheap.  However, a friend is planning to sell their baby seat soon so I might just grab that.  Car seat should be a really good one for baby’s safety.

6. bassinet – Thanks to Glen & Julia who recently had their baby, they’re gonna pass on their bassinet to us.  Yippee!!!  🙂

7. baby bath – Thanks to Max’s ever perceptive eye, he found one that is still in very good condition.  Not only is it a baby bath, it’s got a change table too.  🙂

8. change table & cupboard – Thanks to a wonderful & very excited sis in law, we got a change table early on… I think I was only in my first trimester when Julia delivered it.  ha ha  BUT, I can’t complain, it’s a really good one!  🙂

Other stuff that we think are essential too are baby wipes, nappy liner & change mat.  And as we are having a December baby, I think we should go buy these stuff relatively soon so that we don’t get caught up with the Christmas shoppers like last year!  That would be a complete nightmare!  It was tough enough when I wasn’t pregnant!  😛

Mum is pretty excited too… kept asking when we’re gonna go baby stuff shopping… 🙂  I can tell little Sammy’s going to be pretty spoiled!  😛

And we’re also on the lookout for a bigger house… hope we find a good one soon!  🙂


3 Responses to “Baby stuff shopping…”

  1. Gwen Holland Says:

    Hey Steph,

    I’m not updated with ur blog and dunno if you got the breast pump yet, I got the Avent isis Duo for the breast pump. I got it after nursing for 4 months.

    I work full time kze, so had to pump enough for Ally. Breast fed her close to 12 months. (exclusively on the first 8-9 months).

    I started with handheld medela pump that the hospital gave me, thought it would be enough. I pumped when I was on Maternity leave, trying to store enough for when I go back to work…with 1 hand, while Ally nursed on one side. That kinda killed my wrist, I had to go to the doctor for that but anyway…

    Once I started going back to work, I pumped during my lunch break,…its just not as efficient.

    I guess there’s pros and cons to pumping 1 side and both sides. I prefer pumping both sides coz when you have a let down, it’s usually on both sides, you might waste the milk flow on the other side. You get more milk for less time. Single side though, your other hand is free to do something else :-).

    Anyway, just my 2 cents worth.

  2. Heah, what a wonderful blog you have. I found it on Yahoo while looking for some newborn baby gear. Thanks and good luck.

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