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Mac or Windows? November 20, 2009

Filed under: Blogroll — stayfunny @ 8:34 pm

I’m really really contemplating on getting a new laptop. The BIG question is: Mac or Windows?

There is NO question in my mind that Mac is more stable than Windows. However, having been a Windows user all my computer-life, I do have a few concerns. Namely:

1. Transferring my outlook mails (*.pst) to Mac email software. I’ve been doing some search on the net on how to do this but it seems very complicated.

2. I love my HP pocket pc that runs on a windows platform and have quite a bit of software installed (that needs to be installed on laptop too to be able to sync data), I wonder how easy it would be to install them on a Mac.

3. I love my ebooks that are in Microsoft reader format…

4. I love computer games that runs on Windows.

I have read that you can use Boot Camp to be able to use Microsoft software on your Mac… but how easy or complicated would that be?

Also, correct me if I’m wrong but you can’t just get any free software for Mac’s like you can for Windows.

So… Mac or Windows?

Any inputs? 🙂


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