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The Final Countdown – THIS IS IT! :P December 19, 2009

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We now have THREE days until Sam will be born… that is, unless he finally decides to come out on his own. 🙂  As it is… I am already 4 days overdue.  😛

There are sooo many countdowns to get to where we are now… there’s the 1st ultrasound, then the 2nd, then all the other mini tests… etc. But THIS IS IT! This is the last countdown before we’ve got a new addition to the family! Can’t wait!!! 🙂 Over the last 2 weeks, we have been getting very impatient that my husband vows the baby will arrive March 2010 instead of the expected Dec 2009. he he Even our family & friends are getting impatient too… but at least now, we do have a final date. We really can expect that we’ll be holding our baby before Christmas comes. 🙂

I have been told about pregnant women going through a “nesting” phase but as far as I know, I seem to not have gone through that phase (yet). 😛 My husband begs to differ though. 🙂 But from stories I’ve heard, “nesting” phase translates to women moving heavy furnitures like fridge, washing machine all over the place, cleaning non stop, etc. Oh well, not going through this phase doesn’t mean I am not ever going to give birth… it just means I’m… different. he he

I am very thankful that I have had an uneventful pregnancy all throughout… there were a few glitches in between but they pale in comparison to what some other pregnant women go through. I am so BLESSED! 🙂

In the meantime, Max & I are treasuring our last remaining days together, when it is still just the two of us for the most part… before we have a new little life to take care of… God only knows how much our lives are about to change…


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