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Just married… (Steph’s version) July 15, 2008

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On Friday, July 11, 2008 at 10am, Max & I became one. 🙂 It was a perfect & romantic day and my groom was more handsome than any prince I could have imagined as a little girl growing up. It wasn’t the big fancy wedding I had once envisioned but it was more than I could ever have hoped for: to be marrying my best friend, the person who knows me and understands me and accepts and loves me better than anyone else in this world, the man who has my whole heart. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

The weather forecast was not so good but the day turned out to be perfect for us.  Like Max’s mate said, it’s like we had the four seasons all in one day.

The day started with me getting up at 6:30 to get ready for my hair and make-up.  And then at about 8:15am, I was pleasantly surprised to see a white limousine drive up the driveway – it was a surprise from my mum-in-law & sis-in-law!  🙂  Couldn’t have asked for a better ‘transporter’.  😛


We had a nice wedding, several good photog sessions, great yummy lunch and then a wonderful mini-moon at Rottnest.  😛  I caught a biggie Leather Jacket as my first catch on my new fishing rod, got to pet some quokkas, basically, really just had fun!  Max also had a fun surfing session.


I’d like to convey my sincerest gratitude to:

God: for the blessings… and blessings… and even more blessings…
My family and relatives: for the love and the support through the years and in the years yet to come…  thank you.
Max’s family: for embracing me wholeheartedly into the family right from the very beginning, thank you so very very much!  Special mention to Mum, who has always been the best mother for Max, and a good surrogate mother to me.  She gave her time unselfishly and went shopping with me for my wedding dress – which she then bought for me, among other things… She’s just been the most generous person!  I can’t ever thank her enough.  Thanks mum!
For my two very best friends (Kim & Anna): for giving their support even though we’re hundreds and thousands of miles apart… I really really appreciate it.
For other friends: thank you for making me feel so very special by sharing your enthusiasm and joy on my special day…
Charlene & KC: for their enthusiasm and using their expertise to capture as many moments as possible on our special day…
Maggie: for my hair & make-up, for making me look like a princess…
Sheraton Hotel: with special mention to the General Manager, Deborah, for the incomparable treatment & service we got, making our special day even more special.

P.S. I will share with you our wedding photos as soon as I get them from KC and Charlene.  😛


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